Benefits and Side Effects of Fish Therapy

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picture : fish pedicure

During this time we may know him as the fish therapy, or if in the west known as the fish pedicure – is a therapy that utilizes bites by small fish pond to soak feet or other body parts. Garra rufa fish types are one kind of fish that is widely used for the treatment of fish. This kind of therapy has been popular and widely scattered in several cities in Indonesia, even throughout the world. Many believe that if the fish pedicure is a lot of benefit to a wide range of health problems, especially skin.

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Risks and Side Effects of Fish Therapy.

The greatest risk of transmitting infection is of water used when cleaning water fish therapy is not maintained properly, as well as with the circulation of water that should continue to flow, so that if there is a virus or bacteria it will not breed in the pond. But there are some other health problems that should be considered before making a fish therapy. Here is some advice from a doctor:

  • Orang yang memiliki masalah sistem kekebalan tubuh yang lemah dan kondisi medis tertentu seperti diabetes, psoriasis, dll, sangat tidak dianjurkan untuk melakukan terapi ini karena orang yang memiliki masalah sistem kekebalan tubuh yang lemah lebih rentan terhadap infeksi.
  • Garra rufa fish type is commonly used types of fish, which live in the warm waters of the rivers of the Middle East region. According to the Health Protection Agency, Garra rufa fish is a type of fish that is good and safe to use, because if the infection is very low fish therapy orderly business owners keep clean. But there are some things that worry about the safety of this treatment. Here are some of them:
    • The fish tank that used may contain a number of microorganisms. This can lead to infections that may be caused by dirty water, if clean is not properly maintained.
      Infection can also be spread from human to fish, or fish to humans, or fish to fish, if each carrying some infectious diseases. Thus, people with injuries or infections of the feet are not allowed to undergo this therapy before recovering.

Dr Hilary Kirkbride, consultant epidemiologist at the HPA said, “As long as therapy salon enforce hygiene standards are good, people are not likely to get an infection from a fish spa therapy, the risk is higher for certain people. ”

Many Countries Prohibit Fish Therapy for The Following Reasons:

Many salon owners who do not properly keep the water, because it can increase the risk of infection.
Garra rufa fish from China closely resembles that called Chin Chin. Chin-chin fish have teeth and can bite to bleed, which can increase the risk of infection. Many salons have started using these fish, and mischaracterized as Garra rufa fish. It is one of the main reasons behind the prohibition of fish salons in the United States. This type of fish are hungry and like to eat the skin. If they are satisfied, they will not eat the skin.
According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Garra rufa fish pose a threat to native plants and animals.
In order for fish therapy is safe, lots of fish spa uses a filtration system and ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms in the water. And even examine the possibility of injury and infection on their customers before granting permission to perform this treatment. However, due to considering the health and safety issues, the practice of fish therapy is banned in many U.S. states and Canadian provinces.

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Fish Therapy for Health Benefits.
The fish bite is believed to help cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Individuals who desire this therapy prompted to insert his foot in the pool or warm freshwater tank containing tens to hundreds of fish. Small fish and toothless it will suck and gently nibble dry and dead skin from the feet. The fish are biting gives a tingling sensation, and is regarded as a relaxation massage. After doing this fish therapy, you will feel fresh and healthy looking feet.

Fish therapy helpful to exfoliate dead skin, increase blood circulation, eliminate bacteria, and also reduces foot odor. Also said to be able to cure athlete’s foot, and many other skin conditions. A study conducted under controlled environment at a medical university in Austria, revealing that this fish therapy is effective in treating psoriasis.

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